Sunday, November 06, 2005

Searches that lead people astray

i.e. to me.

I haven't looked at these in a while, but over the weekend, I was bored and starting looking at the search words that lead people here. Generally, I get standard searches like "mom" and "geeky mom" and of course "sexy mom" but sometimes I get funny and odd ones. So here's some that I think fall into those categories.

  • you know you're tired when--I can't believe I'm not #1 for this
  • annoying things my mother does--what are people looking for? mothers with worse habits than theirs?
  • anti sexuality--hmm--I'm actually #3 for this!
  • spy dress room--okay, obviously related the halloween costume, but who is looking for this and what are they looking for?
  • 1950s housewifery--wrong place for that unless you're looking for a rant against it
  • the ambivalent view about the plight of the poor in HARD TIMES--I am the number one result for this! Shocking!
  • where does devil mom live--here maybe?
The top searches that bring people here?
  • geeky mom
  • mom
  • laura needs
  • drinking poem--wtf?!
  • geeky
feeling inadequate is also common and I happen to be number 4 on the list--sad.