Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday Rambling

Not much to say this morning. I'm sliding into Thanksgiving. We'll be traveling by car this year. I like long car rides. There's something fun about not knowing exactly what's going to happen, where you're going to stop. Even though the route is familiar, there are so many things that could happen--the traffic, finding a different restaurant, noticing something you didn't notice before. And you get to talk to your family or listen to a book you've been meaning to listen to.

Going to my dad's is usually fun, but part of me wants to stay home out of laziness. Plus, my kids told me they really liked my cooking. I don't hear that too often. :) I'll probably cook something at my dad's but I can't step on my stepmother's toes too much even though she really hates cooking. And that's really the only downside to going there. Thanksgiving will be the only meal that's prepared. Which is okay.

I pretty much finished the plot of the novel at 27,000-ish. Which means I have some things to fill in. I got one idea this morning, but over the next week, I'll be going over the whole thing and adding lots and lots of crap.

All I have to say is that I'm glad this is a short week.