Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Free Wireless Rocks

I think wireless should be free everywhere. It's crazy that it's not. We're in a relatively cheap hotel somewhere in the middle of Maryland and we've got free wireless. So last night before bed, I caught up on blogs; Mr. Geeky caught up on blogs (I've hooked him on Pharyngula unfortunately; damn you, PZ!). I even worked out this morning. Now we'll see if I can write in the car. I didn't manage it last night. So now, the goal is 5,000 today and 2500 every other day. Sigh. I think I had a few times in college where I felt this way, needing to read hundreds of pages in one night because I stupidly put it off.

I'm not sure what kind of internets I'll have over the next few days, so if I don't "see" you all, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.