Sunday, November 13, 2005

A day with Geeky Girl

I have a huge post brewing about being a faculty spouse, but until I get it all worked out, I have to tell you about my adventures with Geeky Girl today. We went shopping. It was mission shopping. We had specific things on our list to get: leaf blower, cds, sweaters. We had to be efficient because we needed to be back in time to meet Geeky Boy after basketball practice. (Yes, this is my real life.)

We score a leaf blower at Lowe's along with a bird feeder and birdseed, then we hit Best Buy for cds and dvds. Here's the conversation that ensued:

GG: Here we are: disctopia.
Me: (grinning) Yep. (thinking, of course: how clever is that; I must blog it.)

We pick out the requisite cds and dvds.

Me: That wasn't so bad.
GG: Well, things are always easier when you work together.
Me: Yes, they are.