Saturday, October 08, 2005

Reunion day 1

I met up with my blogger friend and we had a blast. Ate and talked. Funny how you don't really talk about blogging that much. We talked about everything. It was so fun.

A friend of mine retrieved me later and we sat at his house and had a drink before the official activities began. Another friend of ours was there also and then we all piled in the car, I changed clothes, and we walked down to the restaurant. I talked to lots of people I didn't even know in college. Such impressive people, some of them.

After the official activities, we all went to the bar where we used to hang out in college. The owner was there and I talked to him for a while and asked about a few people who had worked there. It was kind of scary to be remembered by a bartender. :) Again, I talked to lots of people I didn't know that well, which was fun. Some of the people from the class of 1985 were there too, so we got to talk to them too.

Everyone looks really good. Lots of people recognized me, even when I didn't recognize them. And everyone is generally pleasant and enjoyable to talk to. I do have a slight hangover this morning, which I'm working my way through. There's more fun to come in just a few hours.