Friday, October 14, 2005

Random ten - kicking off for the day

So I've decided I'm done working for today. It was great to work at home. I got a lot done. I even managed to work on a draft of an article I had put aside a while back. I've been listening to the iPod all day (is this bad for the ears?). Went through highest ranked, then a college collection. Now it's on general shuffle.

So here's what we've got:

"See it in your eyes" Abie Hoffman & the B-Goes
"Thick-Necked Man" Crash Test Dummies
"The Consort" Rufus Wainwright
"14 Shades of Green" Chris Stamey
"The Perfect Girl" The Cure
"Now" Edie Brikell & The New Bohemians
"The Wind Blew all Around" Mary Lou Lord
"Piece of my Heart" Janis Joplin
"Don't Let Me Down" The Beatles
"I Still Do" The Cranberries

An interesting mix.