Sunday, October 09, 2005

In which I realize I'm not 20

Two days of activities, flitting from bar to bar, staying out way too late, drinking too much, and eating unhealthy food have left me exhausted. Of course, it was all extraordinarily fun. One of the things that I've enjoyed most is talking to people who weren't "popular" or "successful" in college. In most cases, they are quite successful now. There's a guy who's a press secretary for a senator, another who started his own investment company, another who's a patent attorney working on a fellowship and interviewing for positions as a law professor. And yes, do note I mentioned only guys. There were plenty of women around the first night and during the day yesterday, but none of them made it to last night's festivities. Literally, it was me and one of my classmates' wives and that was it.

After the official event on the campus with a jazz band, we headed over to another bar where another band was playing. Turned out half the band was alums. Very good bluegrassy, folksy music. There were fiddles. We all told lots of funny stories about our adventures in college. I also ran into a few people from other classes, which was fun. I'm very glad I came. It's been a lot of fun.