Saturday, October 01, 2005

Help dress Geeky Mom

I'm going shopping with my friend Jeanne tomorrow to buy stuff for reunion weekend. Not only am I going to my reunion, but I'm also recently obsessed with clothing. I blame Bitch, Ph.D. and Profgrrrrl. They set pretty high standards. Of course, I must have new things.

I'm opening my dilemma up to the blogosphere in hopes that I can get some advice about what to wear. The events are as follows:

Dinner and cocktails at a casual restuarant: I'm thinking jeans and a cool top (need the cool top) plus my brown boots. However, I'm open to suggestion here.

Cocktail party with jazz band: I'm thinking something jazzy.

The weather will be mild, 70ish in the day, 55-65 at night.

Other rules that might help you. I'm not opposed to skirts, but I'm more of a pants person. I'm short 5'2" and pretty skinny, though I've got hips. I'm open to shoe suggestions too. I want to look sophisticated and cool, relaxed and hip. Oh, and feel free to dig through the Flickr pictures for hair and eye color. So here's your chance. Our own little "What Not to Wear: Blog Version." Let me have it!