Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I haven't really gotten into the holiday this year. I didn't really decorate. We only got our pumpkin carved last night. Geeky Boy--already?--is less into it this year than last year. He's wearing the same costume as last year and his biggest concern is hanging out with his friends on Halloween. Maybe next year, we can have a party.

Geeky Girl is quite excited of course. In fact, last night we dyed her hair red with some temporary dye. I wish I'd taken pictures of her in the bathtub because she looked like she was bleeding. When we rinsed, the tub was completely red. I think we could have shot our own horror flick. The results were not as red as I thought they'd be, given how red everything else looked in the process. But GG is happy with it and even Geeky Boy gave it a thumbs up.

The kids have a half day today, spending most of their time in a parade and a party. My department has a party this afternoon to which the kids are coming. And, of course, tonight they'll be trick or treating around the neighborhood. So basically, the whole day is shot.

In years past, Mr. Geeky and I used to host a big Halloween party that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Alas, for now those days are over. I went as Frankenbarbie one year. Mr. Geeky went as wolf man and one year, devil with a blue dress. The year he met my dad, he was dressed as a vampire in a peach leisure suit. I don't know what that was about. In middle school one year, I dressed as a mafia guy--pin-striped suit, fedora, machine gun--and I won a contest. I've also dressed as a Rockefeller (fake fur, fake jewelry, lots of makeup), a housewife (curlers, bathrobe, pillows in interesting places), a gypsy, and a ghost. My favorite costume had to be the mafia guy. It was just fun dressing as a guy at a time when most girls would never do that. What was your favorite costume?