Saturday, October 22, 2005

Girly Shopping Spree

I took the kids shopping for Halloween costumes this evening. Geeky Boy is wearing the same thing as last year--grim reaper outfit. Geeky Girl, however, is going as Sydney Bristow. First, we went to the Halloween store in the mall. Geeky Girl refused to go in and stood behind a pillar while Geeky Boy and I went in, with one of us checking on Geeky Girl every couple of minutes. GG had given me instructions to find spy stuff. No luck. Witches, princesses, devils. No spys. So we went to the toy store. They had an entire collection of princess outfits, to which GG said, "Eeww, yuck, too pink and frilly." So we went to Target. Again, no luck in the costume section. Apparently girls *only* want to dress as pink frilly princess things for Halloween. Or Divas. So we went to the toy section. There we did score a spy watch. But no spy dress-up clothes. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to be a spy? So we went to regular clothing and decided that spies need to dress in all black. We got a black skirt, a black top and sweater. We also got a pair of black boots and black tights. And, we got sunglasses (all spies wear sunglasses).

Here's the resulting outfit:
Mini Sydney

Meanwhile, I had hoped to buy some things for myself, but we didn't have time, so I had to purchase a few things online--knee-high boots, a velveteen skirt, and a couple of shirts. When I unpacked my winter clothes yesterday, I realized I had whittled it down quite a bit and I whittled it down by three more sweaters that are just old and worn out. And yes, I'm continuing the girly theme.

The kids both said this was the best day they ever had, which was really funny, because they were with babysitters half the day, then I dragged them out shopping. But GB said he liked it because it wasn't really planned. We just kind of decided to do stuff. Tomorrow we're making apple pie though. It's the pixies' fault.