Thursday, October 13, 2005

Getting *lots* of things done

This whole getting things done method is great! I mean, seriously. What have I done in the last week?
  • Written a draft of a proposal
  • ordered equipment (which I'd been putting off for some reason)
  • made many doctor's and dentist's appointments that I'd been putting off
  • joined the gym around the corner
  • wrote 15 pages on two different projects
  • updated a section of the website that I'd let languish
  • kept up with all the little things I needed to do
That's really about 2 days since I was away Monday. It feels really good. It's like a shot of adrenaline to accomplish things. The hardest thing is trusting your system. At first, I would forget to write things down and they'd linger in my head. I'm getting better at that. I have a stack of index cards in my desk drawer and little stacks around the house. I've written down everything from items to get at the grocery store to movies to rent to book ideas. Then I put them into the in basket and process them. This Friday will be my first chance to implement the reviewing process.

I managed to get my home office mostly in shape. I need to purchase a file cabinet and a bookcase. I'm planning to tackle the living room this weekend. I hope the kids will help. It's much less overwhelming to do a room at a time. I even plan to empty the closet.

Yesterday, I was on a panel with my colleagues, Michelle and Jean-Claude. Michelle said that she, too, is implementing the GTD system. As working mothers, we naturally lapsed into talking about strategies to accomplish all of our tasks. She mentioned she's now ordering all of her groceries online. I have tried to find someone who delivers for months, but I had forgotten about the grocery chain she mentioned, so yippee! I will never set foot into a grocery store again.

Our presentations and discussion will likely be online later today. I'll update when that happens.

Here's the link to the mp3 and the screencast. I'm at the end, at about 22 minutes. Michelle right before me. The whole thing is pretty interesting.