Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Apple Pie, Students, Workouts, and Heat

A whole day without blogging! Oh my! I'd blame it on the apple pie, but I can't. I did make apple pie on Sunday. It's now almost gone. I use the recipe on the Pilsbury dough box. Once I made pie from the Silver Palate cookbook. Mr. Geeky hated it. And since he's the reason I make pie, well . . .

Can I just say how much I love my students? I have a classful of them, it's true, but I also have many others that worked for me or are working for me. I love that they come by and talk to me. We talk about everything from politics to our families to shopping. I also love that they read this blog and leave comments. I like that they add me as facebook contacts. They really make this whole job worthwhile. That was true at some other teaching jobs I've had as well, but I develop a different relationship with students when they work for me. We spend a pretty intense summer together. It's kind of hard not to develop a close relationship. I have one student right now who's been working for me for three years. She was in the very first group of summer students. She'll be graduating this year and I'll be very sad. I've had other students graduate, but I haven't known them as long. This will be a first. When I talk to my students who work for me, I don't really think of them as students. I think of them a coworkers or colleages. In many cases, they know more than I do about technology. Their work is exceptional and always amazes me. It's just exhilarating to be around such bright and talented people.

I completed my first upper body workout yesterday. Boy, I'm a wimp. I did get compliments on my biceps though, so there's that.

We still haven't turned the heat on. It's 64 in the house. Not bad, but they also just turned the heat on at work. Only problem. My office still has no heat. It might be warm by today, but I kind of doubt it. Guess I'll layer up.