Sunday, September 11, 2005

My heart belongs to Apple

I took my iPod into the Genius bar. It was an hour wait. The Geeky family wandered around the store and drooled over the Nano, large cinema screens, and Tiger (no, I haven't updated yet). I felt a little like I was in an emergency room with toys. Finally, they called my name (1/2 hour early). I handed over the iPod, told him it was sad. He poked around on it and declared that yes, indeed, it was sad.

Genius Guy:Do you remember when you purchased it.
Me: August 27, 2004. It was an anniversary present.
GG: Yep.
Me and GG together: Just out of warranty.
GG to the other Genius Guy next to him: Should I be nice?
OGG (looking at me): You're lucky you got the nice guy. Me, I'm not so nice. (The way he said it, though, I think he probably would have been nice too.)
Me: I like getting the nice guy.
GG: (Typing away on the computer, then stopping.) I'll be right back.

He's gone for a while. I try to ignore the woman next to me who is yelling at the "not-nice" Genius Guy, who is, in fact, trying to be nice. Her main problem: she doesn't know how to use a computer, so she's blaming them. She can't get the printer to work, but the store can't replicate the problem. They bring a manager out. Other Geniuses come out to watch the fireworks.

My Genius Guy returns. He's brought back a box. I'm thinking they're shipping off my iPod. He types some more stuff. Then he hands me two pieces of paper and a brand new iPod. I smile broadly and thank him profusely.

I heart Apple (and the Genius Guy).