Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hanging with the soccer (security) moms

We had our first soccer event last night, a pizza party. I thought, now's my chance to start getting to them. I introduced myself to people (unusual for me) and chatted. Here are some observations.
  • Soccer moms don't introduce themselves; they introduce their kids. "Hi, my daughter's name is ____. What's yours?" It's like they only want to be known as so-and-so's mom.
  • For soccer moms, politics is very local, by school. If your kid doesn't go to the same school, they feel they have nothing to talk to you about.
  • Current events and politics are not discussed. Talk is about teachers, home improvement, or child rearing.
Only one person brought up the hurricane and that was to ask me if our school was taking any students from New Orleans. Other than that, it was as if it never happened. This is going to be a tough crowd.