Monday, September 05, 2005

Dear Mr. President

Dear George,

I am one your lowly citizens. I know you don't like to think about us unless we make a good photo op, but I've got something to say, so sit down for a minute. Your citizens need you. No, I didn't vote for you, but that shouldn't matter right now. Your citizens are scared. It seems as if you and your administration can't help us in a time of need. Every one of us (even the ones who do support you) are watching the images of bodies floating by in the water and thinking, "That could be me." All of us are running various "What if's" in our heads. Frankly, we don't think you're up to the task. You need to stand up. You need to stop the staging. You need to say something. You need to reassure us. You see, not only are we worried about a possible future disaster, but we're worried about the ramifications of this one. What's going to happen to gas prices? Are we going to be able to afford to get to work? Heat our houses? And the ramifications go further. What's this going to do for our children's future? There won't be fossil fuel for them. Are you going to put more effort in finding alternatives?

And what about all those displaced people? What are they going to do for work? How is their displacement going to affect our economy? I feel helpless here. I feel like our country has been cut to the core and it's bleeding. Band-aids aren't going to work, Mr. President. You need to cure this at its source. Your hero said, "The buck stops here." I guess you took that to mean that you and your cronies get to keep all the bucks. Well, I'm done, Mr. President. Tell us what you're going to do. Tell us how you're going to fix our country. Or will you treat us as you did the victims in the Gulf coast, let us sit in the hot sun and die?

Geeky Mom