Thursday, September 29, 2005


That's supposed to be a relaxing ahh! I'm sitting in bed, propped by my massage chair with a glass of water, the laptop and my iPod. I got my hair cut. I didn't make it to the fundraiser--sorry, Flo. I ended up leaving work really late, scooping up the kids on the way home and didn't have time to swing back to school. (I'll be sending a check).

I was just reading through the class blog. It's getting pretty good. I think they're getting the hang of this blogging thing. There's a good post today about the confederate parks in Memphis. There's also a good post about an email incident on campus that has raised issues of free speech and censorship. We watched some news clips in class today, some of which mentioned the issue of anonymity and privacy, regulating speech for election purposes and whether bloggers can be sued for slander.

The blog still definitely has its messy moments (don't we all?), but it feels like a real blog now and not something we threw up for class and that was the goal really. And for you students reading out there (yes, I know you are ;) ), keep up the good work!