Friday, August 12, 2005

Truly Random 10

I have about 5 different post possibilities in my head, but can't sort out which one is actually worth writing about. Then I remembered it was Friday, so I can't put off the sorting for a little bit.

"When I Get Low I Get High" Back Porch Vipers
"Dance Stamina" Pluto
"An Accidental Memory in the Cafe" Eluvium
"Mr. Atom" Hurts to Purr
"Midland " San Saba County
"Piano Man" Billy Joel
"I'm Not Angry" Elvis Costello
"Only The Good Die Young" Billy Joel
"Bukowski" Modest Mouse
"Half Magic" Matt the Electrician

Two Billy Joel songs. Yuck. Let's just say that I haven't really liked Billy Joel since the late 80s when I saw him in concert--really, really good. For some reason now, he totally grates on me. My students asked me why I still have him on my iPod. I don't know. My iPod is kind of like a history of my musical tastes as much as it is a record of my current tastes.