Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Man, what a day! It's been absolutely insane. I'll get into details later. Suffice it to say that people got settled into classes and then decided, "Hey, know what? I need some technical help."

I finally took a break this evening to catch up on the news of Katrina. It breaks my heart. My difficulties and grievances seem petty. What I can't help thinking about as I watch people waiting on the highway and rooftops without food or water, watching people die right in front of them, is Bush on vacation, saying that this tragedy will take years to clean up, somthing he would never say about Iraq (there, we're making progress). And I can't help thinking that if we weren't in Iraq and Afganistan, that help would be there more quickly. I mean, some of the reporters tonight were saying water was days away. I can't believe it! And Iraq itself was hit by tragedy as a result of the fear of a bomb going off. I feel like we're in a downward spiral here.

I'm trying to be optimistic about my own little world, but right now, I just feel like this is all going to come home to roost, at the very least, in the form of higher gas prices. I'm walking or riding a bike. I think a bike would be a good investment right now. For now, I'm donating to the Red Cross. I'm sure the campus will be doing something as well. I'm going to gather up clothes, blankets, whatever I can do. As always, I feel like it's never enough.