Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sad, but true

I was writing a post about how I had time to write a post at work. Then I got involved in a deep conversation about something and forgot to post it. Can't find the "recover post" option. Maybe I'll find it at work. Scary. I'm exhausted, not being used to working and all. I think I have a good whine for tomorrow involving returning to work from the sandy shores of South Carolina. We'll see if I can work it into enough of a frenzy to qualify for Phantom's Wednesday whining contest. I've been pretty content lately so it's been hard to compete.

My students came in today and demanded I take them to the beach next week. I said okay. What else are you going to say? They've been working hard. They're great, and one of them promised to teach us how to surf. It's going to be a blast. In years' past, we've played putt-putt, gone to grown up video arcades (games with drinks), gone to movies or out for a nice meal. I think this will be a good topper. Once their work is up and running, I'll show it to you all. It really is fabulous. I wish I could take credit. They deserve more than a day at the beach.