Monday, August 08, 2005

Rocking Atlantic City

Awesome concert. All three artists--Ben Lee, Rufus, and Ben Folds--were great! The crowd wasn't very big, so I was in the 4th row of seating, able to see everything. I chose not to stand among the crowd of teenagers. At 5'2", this is just a bad idea for me. I was really amazed by Ben Folds' energy. He was just racing through song after song. It was amazing. Rufus was quite funny, making little comments throughout the show. His half-sister, Lucy Roche, did a couple of songs with him and he did two new songs, which I'm looking forward to seeing. It was really a good concert all the way around, worth the trip.

This morning, Mr. Geeky and I played penny and nickle slots for several hours. We started with $5 and cashed out with $15. At one point, we were up over $30, then back down to $7 and up to $15 again. Of course the night before, we blew through $15 without even thinking about it. Easy come, easy go as they say.