Thursday, August 18, 2005

Call me fangirl

The Rufus Wainwright DVD I ordered arrived in the mail today. Yes, I know this is an unhealthy obsession, but I saw a preview of it online and I couldn't help myself. But, I've promised myself that I won't watch it until I've gone for a good walk and written for an hour.

Ear ringing update: the ringing is still there, but the doctor took out a hugh chunk of wax which he said was probably causing both problems. Everything should clear up in a day or two, but if it doesn't, I should go back. He also checked my hearing, which was cool. So far, no hearing loss. It runs in the family unfortunately.

I have the best family doctor ever. She checked me out, said she couldn't see anything wrong, but said she could tell it was really bothering me, so she got me in to the ENT doc right away. Everyone should have a doctor like her. And if you don't, find one!