Sunday, August 07, 2005

Absolutely glorious sound of rain

I'm sitting in my office and the rain has started. At first it just sounds like the wind rustling through the trees but then it builds up and now it's coming down the gutter and sounds like music--a drum beat with a little piano. We needed this.

In a couple of hours, we are headed to Atantic City to see Rufus! I have to thank my friend Eric for alerting me to the concert. We're making quite a night of it. There will be gambling and swimming in pools and eating and perhaps a massage to boot. I'm hoping to feel energized and refreshed so I can get back to work Tuesday.

I was perpetually tired all last week from the driving, and for some reason, I couldn't sleep at all. I think my poor brain knows that school is starting in just a couple of weeks and that I'm not prepared. So when I get back I have to buckle down and get some things done. For now, though, I'm putting it out of my mind.