Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Writing journal, day 2

Much, much better. As you all suggested, I skipped the difficult part and trudged ahead. Got 4 pages, most of which were new, some taken from bits and pieces I'd written earlier. I stayed up way too late, though, so I'm not writing this morning, the head is foggy. I will write again tonight though. I took a good walk yesterday, which helped clear my head and gave me a little more energy. I think that is key.

As part of my writing last night, I dug out all my old diaries (no suprise there) and read through some of them. Man, was that hilarious. I was completely boy crazy. I mean every entry talks about liking this boy or that boy. Each entry lists at least two boys and sometimes 5 or 6. Sheesh. There's also a lot about my friends and my struggles with them. In high school, my entries got pretty detailed, but before that, pretty sketchy. And some of the names--no idea. I have a stack of notebooks to go through. I had a tendancy to write for a while in the "official" diary space, but then resort to regular notebooks where I sketched out stories and poems. And I never kept up with a diary for very long, maybe 3 months, with scattered entries after that.

The diaries probably won't help me that much, but I'm glad I have them. They're really interesting. Oh, if only I'd had a blog then! I so obviously needed some feedback.