Saturday, July 02, 2005

Things I can't do without the internets

One minute after I posted that last post, the internet went down and has been down since just now. Here's some stuff (besides blogging) that I couldn't do:

1. Find nearest really cheap store--Kmart, Wal-Mart, etc.--to buy some temporary curtains for new office space.
2. Price said curtains.
3. Map route to said stores.
4. Look up a phone number.
5. Find out what's going on with Live 8 and 4th of July festivities.
6. Check movie times.
7. Look up things in the Wikipedia to prove I'm right in the middle of disagreements.

How I circumvented these problems:

1. Called a friend who lives nearby some cheap stores. We chose Value City.
2. Had to drive around and look.
3. See #1.
4. Drove over to house to retrieve child without calling ahead.
5. Still haven't accomplished
6. See# 5.
7. Have now forgotten what we were arguing about. Like how long the Nile is or who came up with the way the population is increasing exponentially.

Sheesh. I know I did all these things prior to the internet, but man, is it easier now. Everything is essentially at my fingertips.

So here's the office plan so far. Before replacing the windows, we are putting in curtains (very temporary 7.99/panel) and building the wall and putting in a ceiling fan. We'll move all the "office" furniture down and I'll decide if I want to make it permanent. Then we'll do the windows and make the room more energy efficient. We were telling our neighbors about the plan and they said that it was that way before the remodel. So we're basically rebuilding what was there before. And yes, have no fear, there will be before and after pictures.