Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sketchy internets and home improvement

The internet has been sketchy over the last couple of days. Dang internets!

Mr. Geeky came up with a grand plan to give me my own office. He's a totally cool hubby! We're converting the front porch into an office, putting a wall between the entryway and the office, putting in a ceiling fan and eventually insulating the whole thing with new windows and whatnot. Should be pretty cool. We're doing a few home improvement projects this summer, having spent two years in the house without doing anything. We're adding a shed for the kids outdoor stuff and doing the office. Eventually, we want to redo the bathroom and we have to think about more space for the kids (their rooms are tiny!).

I was thinking yesterday about how lucky we were to be able to do stuff like this and how long it's taken us to get to this point. Maybe we'll appreciate more for having taken the long way.