Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Random Thoughts

To whomever made coffee at work this morning: you are a saint. Unfortunately, had to settle for fat-free non-dairy creamer.

Last night, the electricity went out. I had drifted off to sleep when all of a sudden, I heard screaming and loud beeping. The kids had not yet drifted off to sleep and started screaming bloody murder when the lights went out. Mr. Geeky's back-up electricity for his computer started beeping to let us know that the electricity went out. As if we didn't know. The kids piled in bed with me and I spent the night fighting for the covers and avoiding elbows, knees and feet. As I said, the person who made the coffee is a saint.

Writing is hard. (You must say this with the same intonation as "Math is hard.") While tossing and turning last night, I was revising what I'd written yesterday, thinking of new ways to frame things, more details to put in. The hardest thing about writing memoir is creating a good story arc. Some events in my life lend themselves well to this; others, not so much. I'm looking forward to sitting down at the computer tonight.

I am counting down the days to vacation. I leave on Friday. This is the latest I've ever gone on vacation. Usually I go the last week of June/first week of July, about the halfway point of the summer (by our academic calendar). When I return, things will be beginning to gear up for the school year. I'm going to try not to think about that for now. I have a light schedule this week and I'm not planning to tackle any big projects. I might go over to the library and do some reading.