Sunday, July 03, 2005

Laziness abounds and breeds patriotism?

Mr. Geeky and Geeky Girl are still snoozing away. Me? I have been up since 7:30 goofing around on the computer. We're not morning people here. Even though I get up early, I don't like to do anything too strenuous before say, 11. Plans are to get the office into workable form. I have grocery shopping to do to help us properly celebrate the 4th. We'll go downtown and see the big concert--including Elton John--and eat expensive junk food, maybe drink beer and/or wine. The fireworks really are awesome. We love it! Yes, it's crowded, but it's still fun. It's the one time we're not completely uncool and keeping to our little suburban area. Most of our neighbors go to one of the many nearby events rather than fight the crowds and stay up really late. I say, pishaw. You're right near the birthplace of the nation and you stay home! Where's your patriotism! Of course, one of the things I like about Philly's concert/fireworks is its recognition of the many ways people express patriotism. There are no speeches about supporting the troops or waving your flags. It's just a party filled with diverse people: blacks, whites, latinos, asians. All kinds of people enjoying the day and celebrating--freedom, prosperity, etc.

Given recent events--Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement, revelations of Rove's role in the Plame case--we should be encouraging the kind of patriotism that allows different voices to be heard and allows us to question our government. That's what we were founded on, not particular religious beliefs or moral values. We are lucky to be in a place that lets us speak and lets us question. We should continue to fight to keep that freedom. Just something to think about as you eat your hot dogs and watermelon and watch the sky light up.