Saturday, July 09, 2005

Home Improvement blogging

I'm sitting in my new office! See? We still have to spackle and paint. And I have some adjustments to make since the room is kind of slanty. I haven't moved everything in yet, but it's a very nice space. I might turn my desk so it faces the windows, which would leave me a little more wall space for bookshelves. We are also planning to replace the windows, which are pretty crappy. And yes, those curtains cost me 7.99. Woo hoo! I'll replace those too. It's very quiet out here. I can't hear the children at all. :) They tend to play up in their room and I'm way down here off the living room. And I get to watch people walk by. It's so awesome! Mr. Geeky is so awesome! If you want to see the step by step progress, click on the photo to see the whole set.