Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Random Ten: Late College Edition

Regular readers might remember that I'm leafing through my old journals. I found this entry from sometime in August, 1988.

Songs that Might Make You Cry
If I Laugh--Cat Stevens
Alison--Elvis Costello
Message in a Bottle--Police
All My Love--Led Zeppelin
She's Always a Woman--Billy Joel
No one is watching you now--'Til Tuesday
With or Without You--U2
Just You n Me--Chicago
Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Love Me--The Smiths
Ship of Fools--Robert Plant
Coming up Close--'Til Tuesday

I don't know if I wrote these down to remind myself not to play them or what. Some of them I didn't even own--like Chicago. Underneath this list is the following:

Stuff You Wouldn't Listen to Unless Forced
Stuff I think You'd Like

But there's not anything listed. Why did I make this list? Odd.