Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Feeling better, but still at home

So I'm feeling a little better, but thought it best to stay home. Feeling faint and nauseous at work is not good.

Since my comments are not showing up, but I can see them at haloscan, I wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes. And delegar, especially thanks to you for the advice. I'm supposed to go to my doctor next week anyway to check on my thyroid hormone levels. I haven't missed any doses, because I feel so much better when I'm taking it. So it's odd.

Anyway, I've been sitting here reading through my many journals and chuckling. I had one where I wrote a big long story about a relationship I was in in college. It was a sorted story where there was a guy who was in love with my roommate, but then I fell in love with him, but had to keep it to myself. So I had this whole lead-up about the friendship developed as a result of this crush he had on my roommate. I sat and listened to him talk about Greek poetry and the Big Bang Theory (what a perfect combo :) ) and my roommate was bored. We'd be up for hours, lounging on the shag carpet in my dorm. My roommate would fall asleep and we'd still be there talking away. And, of course, we ended up together, but just before the big moment of our realization that we were meant to be together, I quit writing the story. I left myself hanging. Of course, I know what happened because it was my life, but it was funny reading what I wrote then. Very funny.

I think I have to put some of this stuff verbatim into the blog--or start another blog. I could put in the dates and everything. Just what I need: another blog.