Sunday, July 10, 2005

Charmed life

All day yesterday, I couldn't help thinking what a great life I have. Unfortunately, I often lose sight of that when caught up in the daily trials and tribulations. I have a home that I enjoy in a nice neighborhood where the kids can play in the street. I have a job that I like and hobbies that stimulate me.

Yesterday's events really brought all that home. I got to hang out in my office in the morning. Toward 10 o'clock, I made scrambled eggs and toast for us. Then I took a shower and made plans for a trip to the grocery store, only to find I'd left my wallet at work. I drove over to work to see if the building was open (no luck, not till today). So I cancelled plans to buy anything and moved it to tomorrow. Instead, I focused on laundry.

We had enough food in the house for me to have a quesadilla and the kids had pb & j. I sat out on the deck and read through a script I have to comment on later tonight in my writer's group. It was a gorgeous day: sunny, a little breeze, birds chirping, the distant sound of mowers, the smell of fresh-cut grass. I piddled for the rest of the afternoon. A friend of the kids' from down the street came down and they played store upstairs. Then we all went outside and played bocce ball in the backyard. I cooked out hamburgers and corn. We played another round of bocce and then we all walked over to the local water ice place and got dessert.

How much more charmed can you get? It was downright idyllic. And this morning, the same gorgeous blue sky. I've had this Rufus Wainwright song in my head all weekend "11:11". It has a line in it that I think is great: "I was alive and kicking through this cruel world." That's the way I feel.