Thursday, July 07, 2005

7th of July

I can't really add anything of substance to the London bombing news. I have to say that though I was saddened and disgusted and angry, I was not surprised, not the way I was with 9/11. I'm frustrated by our administration right now because I believe it's partly their fault that this kind of event occurred at all. I'm frustrated by a lot of things regarding our administration. I'm very interested to see Tony Blair's and the British people's reaction to this over the next few days. Will Blair be forced to rethink his Iraq involvement or will it only strengthen his resolve to remain there? Will Bush want to be the cowboy hero and go blow some other country up? Will he concoct a connect to Iran this time? I'm dismayed, really, by our administration's lack of imagination in their response. John McGowen has one of the more interesting responses to the attack I've seen. It is a war of rhetoric. And sometimes that rhetoric is represented by bombs instead of words.