Thursday, June 23, 2005

The search for PIM Nirvana continues

I think I'm officially obsessed. Every spare moment I'm googling and technorati searching, hoping to find the perfect (or near-perfect) solution.

I was contacted by a couple of people connected to PIM, one guy from tasktoy and a guy from AirSet, an PIM that I hadn't run into yet. AirSet looks pretty cool, like it has potential. I also think tasktoy has potential. I haven't used either one of them enough to have a definitive review.

I should say that I'm actually willing to pay money for something that works. The fact that a lot of these are free is great. But I think I'd pay 4.95/month to keep myself organized via the web.

I thought I'd share my list so far. I'll be adding to this. So far I've gathered calendars, to-lists and information managers (i.e. brain mapping stuff). Check the sidebar of this post for the furl list.