Thursday, June 23, 2005

Proof I can survive on my own

There will be more about personal organization later today--so much to tell you all. At any rate, I have been husbandless this week and trying to maintain general order without going insane. So far, I'm succeeding. But a few glitches have reared their ugly heads (do glitches have heads; I imagine they do). First the dryer hose detached itself from the back of the dryer--at a time when I was trying to be the laundry goddess. I made several attempts at reconnecting it, including a desperate attempt to use screen rubber to tie it down. Finally, I made it to the hardware store to get a new little clampy thing (very technical terminology, no?) to fix it more permanently. I am now able to be laundry goddess again.

Second, the car's oil light came on. Now, we don't treat our cars very well. We tend to give them the bare minimum support and drive them into the ground. Also, the coolant light kept coming on again, after Mr. Geeky just remedied the situation. So I left work early, dropped the car off at the corner garage, walked home and got Mr. Geeky's car (which I used to drive to the hardware store). Hopefully, everything will be okay with the car by today.

Third, Geeky Boy discovered yesterday morning that the toaster would not toast. He had to hold down the lever to get it to toast. I thought, well, it just needs to be cleaned. So I inspect it and lo, and behold, but there's a plastic little happy meal toy melted to the side near the bottom. We ditched the (10-year-old) toaster and have vowed to get a new one. I might get a blender at the same time since I could use a fru-fru drink after all this.