Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Processing, processing, being manic, and jobs vs. careers

That list from yesterday, not much done on it yet. But these are week-long goals. I'm hoping to have my professional blog up and running today. Not that I can't post work stuff here, but I have ways of getting my information out to the people from that blog. And I think most of my faculty are not interested in my shoe blogging. They're welcome to indulge themselves, but . . .

So I'm processing lots of information from the workshop and have lots to do as a result, stuff that I'm excited about. I'm actually doing some work at home, I'm so excited about it (thus the manic feeling).

A colleague of mine and I have this conversation all the time. We both work at home fairly often, not because there are things that have to be done, but because we get interested and excited about something and so we work on it and then come back and tell each other about the cool new thing we figured out how to do. Many of our other colleagues are not like this; they refuse to take work home. Their job represents a paycheck and no more. There are certainly times when I feel that way. When I'm frustrated, I don't want to think about work or give them any more time than I'm paid for. But I consider my job a career, a vocation even. I kind of turned my hobby into paying work, so it makes sense that I feel this way. I also recognize that doing things outside of work doesn't just benefit my place of employment, but also benefits me. I learn new skills or work on materials (web sites, articles) that might get me noticed.

I really wouldn't want it any other way. I choose to bring my work home with me; it doesn't feel forced and I think that enthusiasm shows when I'm at work (most of the time). I really wouldn't want a job that was just a job. I hope this continues.