Sunday, June 26, 2005

Day of Sloth

Yesterday was the day of sloth. Friday night, both the kids spent the night out, so I spent the night lounging around, playing The Sims 2, and reading until after midnight. I woke early yesterday to sound of tiny alarm clocks beep-beeping away. So I was up and felt too tired to accomplish much. I managed to feed the kids, weed the garden and take around some trash. It was incredibly hot outside, so being outside made the slothfulness worse.

Today will be productive. I have vowed to myself no computer time until after dinner (unless I do some writing, which I might). The kids have already cleaned their rooms and I'm planning to do some work in the kitchen and living room. I really was laundry goddess last week, leaving myself with very little laundry to do this weekend! Hooray! There will also be a trip to Target for a new toaster and a trip to the grocery store. My life is very exciting. :)