Saturday, May 14, 2005

What's left

Major accomplishments today. (I even washed and vacuumed the car! Not even on the list!)

The day was absolutely gorgeous. I wore shorts for the first time--hooray! I had to resist buying lots more plants at the store since my mother's coming next week. But they all looked so good. Of course, after reading an article on peak oil in Salon, I thought I should rush back and buy some veggie plants. I think I should grow chick peas. Are they legumes or what? How do they grow? I think I could live off of them--seriously. I'm totally plant illiterate. I do have books about them. Maybe that will help.

So the list continues, with indoor activities for tomorrow since it is likely going to rain:

Clean up front porch area--just needs a good vacuum
Laundry--done enough
Find places to take books/toys
Take books/toys to those places
Finish tweaking blog template (though I'm sure I'll play around with it more)
Trip to grocery store

The porch really must be done. And the bills and grocery store. The rest can wait until later. There's no way my house will be completely ready for my mother's visit. She's just going to have to see it in it's real state.