Monday, May 02, 2005

We have hamsters and Chinese food

Not necessarily at the same time, mind you. We were not eating hamsters for dinner.

First, the hamsters. We have two. One black and one white. They're very cute. One has already figured out the wheel. Tomorrow I'm going to help Geeky Boy get some pictures onto his blog and I'll let him reveal the names to you. Suffice it to say, they're quite cute and somewhat original.

Okay, now for Chinese food. One of Mr. Geeky's colleagues is Chinese and she picked the place. She ordered all the food for us from the Chinese menu, not the English one. So we had the following:

Vegetarian dumplings
Beef dumplings
West Lake Beef Chowder

Main dishes:
Peking duck with scallions and pancakes
Mushrooms and mini bok choy
Oxtail soup
Spicy chicken

I only ate vegetarian and seafood dishes--a sort of gradual shift to vegetarianism. Mr. Geeky was quite supportive and made sure there was enough for me to eat. It was all very good. I especially liked the Eggplant which was in a pretty sweet sauce and the mushrooms were good too. The dinner was quite pleasant and we spent a good deal of time swapping qualifying exam and thesis defense stories. Though we ended on cannibalism stories--not sure how we ended up there.