Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The True Slacker Mom: Me

For the record--and some background--I now share office space with 3 men (hi, guys!). Not a problem, really. I'm somewhat comfortable being the only woman around. But I'm also a mom and there are different expectations that go with that.

We're sitting around talking about various domestic issues. I'm actually multitasking and reading e-mail and articles at the same time (don't ask). We're talking about who cooks in the household and I mention that I do all the cooking and Mr. Geeky and Geeky Boy clean up. Which I don't mind because I like to cook and hate cleaning up. The biggest issue right now, I say, is that I often have to fix multiple meals because I tend to make things that kids don't like. My kids eat PB&J half the time, I say.

Office guy: Well, that sounds real healthy. Aren't you worried about nutrition and development and all that?
Me: My kids are lucky to be alive.

Huge laughter from the guys. I don't think it's that funny. It's the kind of snark I use among like-minded moms all the time. Somehow, for them, the incongruity of their image of what a mom should be--you know forcing the veggies and fruits--vs. my attitude of "at least they're not dead" struck them as funny.

Of course, one of them already ribbed me in the winter for a day I forgot to make the kids wear coats (hey, it was warm in the morning). It's true. I'm a slacker. Or a true evolutionist (survival of the fittest and all).

Note that CBS had a segment on this last night.