Monday, May 30, 2005

Tracking the Writing

So I added a little sidebar item to track my writing. I put down 2 pages so far, though I wrote 5. Only 1 is actually useable so I gave myself 2. I'd love a better way of tracking this than editing my blog template every day. There's probably some simple javascripty thing I can do, but I'm pretty clueless about such things. My geekiness has its limits I'm afraid.

I stole the whole idea of tracking from What Now? I know 1000 pages is somewhat ambitious, especially at the rate I'm going. But I want to write every day--at least something. Hopefully some days, I'll be up to 5 or even 6 pages. Okay, wait, the math isn't working out for me (I need to take Becki's classes maybe). I've got about 76 days to work with. At 5 pages a day, I'll end up at only 380 pages. So I think I'd better cut that down a bit. Let's do 500. That's respectable. That gives me some days of low output hopefully balanced with some really stellar output. Because keep in mind, I'm doing this in my spare time!