Saturday, May 14, 2005

The To-Do List

Because I find it useful to put up a public to-do list, here it is:

For today:
Clean up front porch area
Get recycling containers
Find places to take books/toys
Take books/toys to those places
Finish tweaking blog template
Trip to grocery store

For tomorrow (but maybe today):
Get container plants
Clean up deck area
Dig out other third of garden area

I'm actually feeling halfway human today after feeling pretty much dead yesterday. I had hoped to work on some of the above chores after the races, but felt so run down, I actually took a short nap and then laid around on the couch.

Just looked at the forecast--I may have to shift tomorrow's chores to today since it's supposed to rain tomorrow--dang. It might rain today. Guess I'd better get on that gardening thing.