Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Staying up late/getting up early just to relax

I stayed up fairly late last night not working on many of the tasks listed below, but blogging. My schedule of events was interrupted by helping Geeky Boy clean out the hamster cages and by the time I could settle in in front of the computer, my brain just was not in good shape to be writing. I had also planned to read more of one of the books, but it's a pretty dense book and not at all interesting, so I put that off too. I did read some articles in the New York Times and the Chronicle. But that was it.

Then I got up at 6:30, not to exercise or anything, but, you guessed it, to blog. Is there a problem here? Maybe, but I'd be watching tv and frankly the blogs I read are about 4 million times more interesting (and better written) than anything on tv.

I realized last week that a half hour of relaxing, drinking coffee and reading was not enough to prepare me for the mad rush of getting myself and two children (and a husband) ready for school. I absolutely must have some time to myself before facing the day or I am cranky. Mr. Geeky is like that at the end of the day. Having time to myself has always been extremely important to me and thankfully Mr. Geeky has always recognized that, so not only do I get the morning (which is really just me waking up), but I often get time after dinner and on the weekends. When I was writing my master's thesis, Mr. Geeky took Geeky Boy (no Geeky Girl yet) away for a whole day every weekend. For some reason, when I began working on my dissertation, this arrangement did not resurface. Partly, it was the pressures of his own new job, but it was also my own ambivalence about the degree itself. I am thinking that this would be a good thing to reinstitute for working on the book(s). I wouldn't need the whole day--maybe just the afternoon. Hmm, I like the direction this just took. Oh Mr. Geeky . . .