Saturday, May 21, 2005

Search fun!

The number one search that brings people here is "mom sex." On that search, you are led to this post about the Kinsey movie. I'm the number one result in some search engines for "best friend's mom naked." Another search is "sexy mom" and the results of that search are disturbing at best. Then there's the "naked sex ladies over 60" and "naked mom pictures." Quite interesting. There are a lot of sad and lonely people out there.

But my favorite is "dog hair dye." Are these people dying a poodle pink or something?

While looking at my search results, because I hadn't in a while, I ran into a post that I really liked. It's this one, about the shifting of identities I go through.

There are two things I like about my site meter statistics. One is that they often lead me to people I didn't know were linking to me and so I find new and interesting people to read. The other is, these search results often lead me to older posts like the one above that I go back and read and think, "That's kind of interesting." The web is a great place.