Monday, May 23, 2005

Long days ahead

The multimedia program that I run in the summer begins next week. I'm finalizing arrangements, syllabi, software. I've been relatively organized but I put off some things that I shouldn't have. I hate that. So I'll be doing a bit of scrambling. The following week, I'm helping to run a workshop on Quantitative Writing with an emphasis on using technology to facilitate the writing and review process. I'm actually demoing a few things and I'm so not ready. Yikes!

I also have 2 books to read and I'm geared up to do some writing. And I want to squeeze some exercise in. The only way to fit all this in is to get up early and stay up late (ish). Did I mention my inlaws are coming the week of the workshop? Did I mention my house is a disaster--laundry everywhere, dishes not done, the kids living on poptarts and granola bars? Ack, ack, double-ack.

Oh, and did I mention I'm squeezing in coordinating a video conference and doing another writing/technology workshop? Yikes!

I have butterflies in my stomach from all of this--because it's fun but sort of scary. In theory, I am supposed to have people helping me with the multimedia program, but no one has as much emotional investment in it as I do. It's the *big thing* on my resume and I love doing it, but it is physically and emotionally draining. One of the hardest things about it is getting my colleagues to do something. I have one colleague who's done a lot. He's outlined the scheduled and the topics we'll cover during the training week. He's found some online resources. I'm just filling in the gaps there. The other two are running sections on their own and so far I have no idea what's going on with them even though I've asked them about it. The hard part is that they don't report to me, so I have no control over their work and realistically, this program is very peripheral to their main job responsibilities. I still obsess. I can't help it.

I'm so afraid that some great big ball will drop and the whole juggling act will come crashing down. Sigh.

Perhaps these pictures will calm us all. They're actually a little blurry I think which is perhaps representative of my state of mind right now.

Garden before:

Garden: Before

Garden after:

Garden:Left side, after

As always, there's more at Flickr (just click on one of the pics).