Saturday, May 07, 2005

General Saturday Rambling Before I get my ass into the shower.

Saturday is my favorite day. I can laze around mostly. There's another day after to make up for the lazing and to sleep in. For instance, I am still in my jammies and slippers at 10:30. I am still catching up on the blog reading--shew! You people in the "Cool Blogs" category, you are prolific--cut that out! And the political blogs, forget it, I'll never catch up.

My mother was supposed to visit next weekend, but something came up and she's postponing for a week. I am grateful because my house, like my blog habit, is somewhat neglected. I'm hoping to whip a few things into shape this weekend--tomorrow, really. Today, there is lacrosse, followed by a trip to the pet store--toys and treats for the hamsters--then a much-needed haircut.

Laundry is taking over the house and I'm truly afraid it might come to life and smother us. How does this happen? Oh, yeah, that lazing around on Saturday. Sigh. Did I mention that the lawn looks like a meadow and the garden area looks like a desert? Not a good combination. The weather doesn't look like it's going to cooperate or I'd deal with that too. What I really need is hired help, but Mr. Geeky and I are both too cheap and too poor (can you be both at once?) to hire anyone--especially for the garden stuff. And we don't really care that much. We'd rather save for a family vacation or a new computer. Those are the things that really matter. :) Wait--Mr. Geeky just announced he's cutting the grass. But then he has to write an NSF grant. It never ends.

On the vegetarian front, things are going quite well. Mr. Geeky, though, is not doing well. Two days ago, he announced he needed to hit a drive through and last night, while eating out, he ordered steak. I had a salad. He's probably not going to like the chick-pea burgers I have planned for dinner. Oh well. I'm actually quite happy with my new eating habits and that, combined with the medication, has me feeling good. I have slacked on the exercise this week, though, so I need to get all that going in combo and then we'll see.