Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dilemmas big and small

IM-ing: I've recently gotten back into IM-ing. I had an ICQ account eons ago, but when I got my mac 3 years ago, I did the iChat thing (thegeekymom). I did a video chat the other day and it was really cool. So here's my dilemma: do I stick with iChat--which doesn't seem to have all the same features that AIM does? or do I go with regular AIM? or something else?

Writing: When do I write, morning or night or in a weekend chunk? Why am I writing this now and not working on my book? Why can't I bring myself to launch the word processor?

The writing dilemma always leads to the bigger dilemma: work or not work? A successful writing project might lead to a more flexible work life. Thus, putting off the writing begs the question, What am I afraid of? What am I avoiding? Would I miss the stability? The excitement? The companionship?

I think I must sound crazy right now. I promise to return to semi-normal on June 14th.