Sunday, May 01, 2005

A brighter day

I woke up with the headache but took tylenol along with my thyroid medication and the headache is gone. Yay! The sun is shining; the kids are both away and friends' houses; Mr. Geeky is at the office working.

I still don't feel up for much today and I'm not going to force it. You know that post-illness energy drain? That's how I feel today. Better, but without energy. So what if I don't add two or three more pages to my piece for the writing group tonight? It really won't matter. Mr. Geeky is doing grocery duty and has started the laundry. So while I have the house to myself, I'm either going to watch bad tv or play video games or maybe change the blog template.

The sun is shining and I could, in theory, work in the yard, but it's still wet from the rain and it's just a tad cool out. I am a temperature wimp. That's what the south will do to you. :)

The family went to see the Hitchhiker's Guide and liked it. Geeky Boy especially liked it. Speaking of Geeky Boy, the hamsters are arriving at our house tomorrow evening. You'll have to keep an eye out on his blog to find out more about their arrival. I think they'll be a nice addition to the family.