Thursday, April 21, 2005

Some fun kid stuff

I know I've gotten lame on the poetry thing. I have been exhausted and well, preoccupied with work stuff (in a good way) and I think I've got some kind of illness or allergies or the plague (like SBFH, but without the black tongue). So I'm filling in with some kid stories. I think I have some kids around here somewhere?

Geeky Girl was watching NOVA with Mr. Geeky a couple of nights ago. We record it regularly via Tivo (season pass), but he was making a special effort to watch it because an alum was on. The alum, a woman, is a scientist, so Mr. Geeky is trying to explain what's going on. Here's the conversation:

Mr. Geeky: So, Geeky Girl, this scientist, she . . .
GG: She?
Mr. Geeky: Yeah, she. You know girls can be scientists.
GG: Yeah, Dad, I know that. But I've never seen one before.

Tonight, Mr. Geeky was preparing Geeky Girl's bath and I was puttering around the house. Geeky Girl is getting something out of her backpack. I'm reading blogs when she comes into my room in tears.

GG: My flowers are dead.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry. It's okay. Let me see them.
We trot downstairs, GG in tears the whole way. Mr. Geeky pokes his head out of the bathroom and asks what's wrong. I whisper, "Her flowers are dead." He looks at me funny. GG digs into her backpack. I'm expecting a small bouquet wrapped in a paper towel or something. She pulls something out and puts it in my hand. I look down to see the closed up blossom of a dandelion with hardly a stem at all. GG bursts into tears again.
GG: It was a dandelion. And it was big and yellow.
All I could do was hug her and promise I'd keep it.


Finally, Geeky Boy made me promise to link to his blog. So I did. And if anyone says anything mean or tries to lure him away with candy, I'll come beat you up. And this link will be gone soon. The blog is cute though. :)