Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Search poem?

Following Rana, I thought I'd list some search strings. Think of this as a poem. I'm too tired to turn it into something and I'm too tired to pull a real poem out.

drinking poem (lots of these)
bored "stay at home wives" (is that me?)
mom poem
seamus heaney mid-term break (lots of variations on this)
florence nightingale play
when mom had laryngitis
geekymom (definitely me)
getting rid of stuff
alvin greenberg breathing
mom blogs
things left undone
going from two incomes to one
mom drinking poem (maybe I should write one)
drinking (poem)
monday thoughts
mom sex (we have sex? who knew?)
thick mom (wtf?)
visiting best friends sexy mom
absent mothers
monday random
music against divorce
pennsylvania + politics
is mom gay (this is my absolute favorite)
celebration of family
what kind of alcohol are you
dali steps
a good mom poem
stress in dads
marvin bell, poetry
mom soccer (like the inversion here; are the moms playing soccer?)

and to top it off, the best one ever:
twinkies banana happy meal "fear factor"