Saturday, April 16, 2005

Science blogging

Yesterday afternoon, I gave a talk on science blogs and bloggers for our Science and Society group. I know next to nothing about science, though I was good at it in high school, by college, science disappeared from my brain. However, I married a scientist and I'm always interested in the science that bubbles up to the news.

In my talk, I had to explain what blogs were and gave some statistics on blogs and blog audiences. Then I featured Pharyngula extensively. By the end of the discussion, they were all ready to blog. I'll let you know if any of them do. Mr. Geeky is on the verge. He's at a conference right now, but he's set up the software and he's itching to begin.

It was a pretty fun talk and I'm giving it again next week at another university. I should go to these and give these more often. It was really energizing.